Practice areas

We provide complex legal services mostly in the following areas:

Corporate and business law

Foundation and incorporation of new companies, obtaining trade licenses, registration with the local revenue office, and representation in the proceedings held by the registration court. Operation of the companies – organizing and representation at general meetings including arrange for the presence of a notary at such meetings, if required by law, due diligence. Preparation and implementation of business share transfers and sell of shares in companies, M&A, changes in companies and their registration.


Preparation of all types of contractual documentation and provision of legal appreciation to different types of drafts of contracts. We also draft general business terms for entrepreneurs.

Real estate

Advisory to developers, property transfers, investment in real estate, lease and sublease agreements, liens on real estate, creation of easements, building law, lease of apartments and non-residential premises. We offer you a service of custody with an attorney-at-law for a safe settlement of the purchase price.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property protection, registration of intangible assets (trademarks etc.) in front of the Czech Industrial Property Office, WIPO, OHIM, transfer and protection of internet domain names.

Labour law

Employment contracts and agreements on work performed outside of employment relationships, internal labour documents, termination of the employment relationship, and solution of employment disputes. We can provide with full services both the employees and the employers.


We represent companies as well as individuals in the court proceedings. We provide clients with services in regards of enforcement of claims of the clients.

Insolvency law

Representation in the insolvency proceedings and complex legal services in negotiations with debtors.

Family law

We provide legal aid with enlargement and tightening of joint property of spouses, representation in the divorce proceedings, and property settlement after divorce.